Friday, 4 November 2011

Rainy morning

I had to pick Rodders up and take him in the garden for his final piddle of the day, he wasn't impressed but did what he had to do. We came in and I got his treats and put him in his crate, Rodders grizzled a bit when we went upstairs but settled after about 10 minutes.

He heard OH's alarm go off this morning and started to get a bit vocal as he heard him get up and go to the bathroom. OH came down and gave him a fuss as he got him out of his crate and then it was straight outside for a piddle before dashing back in for more fuss and then going out for a poo then in for a play and a snuggle. Each time Rodders came in he had to be towelled off as it is chucking it down with rain, not that it seems to bother Rodders! OH got their breakfasts and Rodders ate a little but there was much more exciting things to be doing.

Rodders was very happy when I came down and came running to great me. Not sure he was so happy about it when I got the flea and worm treatment out but luckily OH got to administer it! Rodders got his collar off for this but it stays on 24/7 now - OH disagrees with this and thinks it should be taken off at night.

Rodders stayed downstairs with me while OH went upstairs to get dressed but he wasn't happy about it and went to the bottom of the stairs and barked. He also had a sniff at my wellies before trying to climb the stairs. I carried him up and he was happy running about while we both got dressed.

Once back downstairs I put on my coat and wellies and got his collar and lead. Rodders seems to know that the lead means that he is getting to go out but I think he was a bit confused as we were A) Going out the back door and B) OH was coming too so he was making little whinging noises. He soon got over it, at least until we got to the back gate and I had to leave him with OH and nip back for my phone, he didn't like that at all.

We said goodbye to OH and went off on our walk. It was very different this morning as it was throwing it down with rain with lots of puddles and different sounds and smells. Rodders seemed quite happy to start with and was skipping along, stopping to look as vehicles came past us, until a van and trailer came past. He wasn't so sure of that and tried to run away, luckily the lead stopped him from getting too far and I managed to calm him down and carry on with our walk. By this stage Rodders was getting quite wet and kept stopping to have a shake, we had only been out 10 minutes when we got back to Pentland and Rodders wasn't too sure about going any further so I let him head towards home. He found lots to sniff at on the green and was quite happy to go beyond the front path so we carried on around the back. He didn't seem to want to go back so we walked beyond the garages on to the grass where he had a poo.

He was then happy to head home and get dried off. I made a cuppa fairly quickly so that Rodders would settle on snuggle fleece. He is always exhausted after his walks.

Just checked his bowl and he has eaten most of his breakfast, just not all at once!

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