Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lots of fuss

When Rodders and I got home he walked from the car but started to pull as I walked down the path and didn't want to come home.

Luckily Nicky, from across the green, came out as she wanted to meet Rodders and he was happy to trot over to see her. Then Adam came out, followed by Chris and then Christopher joined us. We all stood around chatting and fussing him as he ate the grass! After about 20 minutes we headed back across the green and Pat came out. Rodders wasn't sure if he wanted any more fussing so he backed off a bit. At that Bob came out and wouldn't have any of that nonsense!

We came inside and Rodders took off with his lead to the rolled up carpet. He wanted to go in the garden but had to have his lead off first!

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