Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Meeting other puppies

Rodders and I went off to Pets at Home.

He sat to have his lead out on and walked nicely to the car but then decided he wasn't going in it! He backed off and tried to walk the other way and had to be encouraged back. I picked him up and put him in his crate & he tried to escape from there. Note to self, put him in and half close the sliding door so he can't get out! I got him to sit, removed his lead and gave him a puppy treat.

As the car started to move he whined a little but soon settled down. By the time we got to Pets at Home he was fine & didn't really want to get out! Slipped his lead on and lifted him out and let him walk in to the shop.

The first thing he did was sit down! With a bit of encouragement he started to walk and was sniffing lots and lifting his head to the familiar sound of squeaky toys. Lots of people stopped to fuss him which he quite liked and he was soon trying to dart off in the other direction and barking. A lady stopped to talk who has two miniature schnauzers an I got to see pictures. She clips them herself but keeps one of them very long.

A bit further on we met Ralph who is still too little to go down on the ground. He looks like a welsh sheepdog but is a tibetan terrier. Then we met Alfie, a cocker spaniel puppy, who is the same age as Rodders. Alfie is very shy and nervous and was being carried but they put him down on the ground for me to fuss and to see what the two puppies would do. They both stood and looked at each other and didn't move so we tried to encourage them together. One would move foreword a little and the other would back off! This happened several times before Alfie braved it and sniffed Rodders' bum. Rodders promptly sat down! Puppy classes on saturday could be fun then!

We couldn't find what we were looking for but bought and paid for some biscuits before walking back to the car.

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