Saturday, 5 November 2011

Off to Houghton

Rodders and I got back in the car to go and visit my sister and Finnan in her new home in Houghton.

I don't think Rodders was very impressed at going back in the car crate and he took a few minutes to settle but he was OK after that.

There is no parking at her new house so we parked at the bottom of the lane and I put Rodders lead on before getting him out the crate. He walked nicely all the way to her house and was a little nervous when we first walked in and he wasn't sure what to make of Finnan. I sat with them each side of me feeding them treats while hearing the latest news.

Finnan rolled in cow shit this morning while out for her walk and then fell in a pond in the garden (that we didn't even know was there) this afternoon so she had been in the bath and was still drying out. She has also escaped from the garden so we know that it is not secure.

We took the dogs in the garden, with Rodders on his lead, so that they could get used to each other. Rodders wanted to play but Finnan wasn't impressed and ignored him. This carried on all afternoon!

I got Rodders toy out once we went back inside so that he had something to keep him occupied and didn't keep pestering Finnan. He did get lots of fuss from Kirsty and her friend Eve who was also visiting.

I am thrilled to say that Finnan only had one little grizzle at Rodders :-)

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