Saturday, 5 November 2011

Off to see Donna

We left Kirsty and Rodders walked nicely back to the car and there was no noise as I put him back in his crate for the 5 minute journey to Donna's.

I got him out the car after putting his lead on and he walked nicely in to the house just as it was getting dark. He didn't want to come in the door so had to be enticed with some treats. Donna and Toby gave Rodders lots of fuss and he was allowed to have a good sniff around before Donna washed, cut and blow dried my hair. He was happy to come up on my knee for a fuss while she cut my hair.

Matt arrived home in the middle and he took Rodders off me for a fuss and took him with him while he went to get their Springer Becky out of the car. Apparently a firework went off while they were out and Rodders jumped a little.

When Matt came back in with the dogs he handed Rodders to me. He was happy to sit on my knee watching Becky running around and they came nose to nose a couple of times.

Once Donna had finished my hair Rodders had another run around and play with his toy before we said goodbye.

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