Thursday, 3 November 2011

A peaceful shower

Rodders was asleep when I picked him up to go upstairs for my shower so I had him, a snuggle fleece and a Kong stuffed with Dairlyea.

I put him down on snuggle fleece with the Kong and he started to lick it straight away. As I got undressed I turned the shower on but left the door ajar. Rodders came to have a look and a lap at the water but went back to his Kong.

Once I was in the shower he came and sat at the door and tried to lap the water under the shower door and then started playing with his toilet roll inner. He didn't move too far away but he didn't make a sound. Once I had finished washing me, my hair and conditioned (taking my time for once) I switched off the water flow and opened the door. Rodders came in, licking up the water from the shower tray and a little from my legs.

Not one bark! I would call this a success!

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