Thursday, 3 November 2011

An early morning walk & a stranger

Rodders and I went upstairs to get me washed and dressed and were downstairs ready for our first walk of the day by 7.20.

As soon as he saw me out on my orange coat he got quite excited, sorry Rodders you have to wait for me to out on my wellies!

We went out on the right hand route again and when we got back to Pentland he wanted to head for home although we had only been out for 10 minutes. So we turned for home and he spotted someone strange in his front garden, the window cleaner. He wasn't sure about that at all and stopped to look. Gradually we got closer to home and the window cleaner came to the end of our path and crouched down. Rodders wasn't sure and took a while and a bit of encouragement to give him a sniff and then get a fuss.

As we had only been out for a short time I managed to get Rodders to walk further and we went and did the left hand route, so a figure of eight this morning.

Just as we got back home I spotted the window cleaner heading round the back, what would Rodders make of that?

As we got in the door he did a runner with his lead while I took off my wells and put my slippers on. He was sitting happily on the rolled up carpet waiting for his lead to be taken off..

And then he spotted the window cleaner doing the conservatory windows! He gave a good bark until I acknowledged what he was barking at and was then happy to follow me about as I got the money from my purse. We went to the back door and Rodders stood with me while we paid the window cleaner, he then went out to check he was doing. That seems to have gone well then!

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