Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Playing nicely

When Rodders plays nicely it is so lovely. He chases his toys and when he picks then up he prances about with them in his mouth until he gets them to the rolled up carpet where he drops them and then lies down for a chew. Sometimes they roll off and he makes a funning grrr type noise at them and then pounces on them and brings them back, this is especially funny if it is a ball as they can roll quite far.

He is happy to play fetch with his ball or his crinkly crisp packet or he will play tug with his buggy, monkey or training toy. He also likes you to throw any of his toys so that he can run and catch them.

I put all his toys in a pile at least once a day and he has lots of fun dragging them all out again.

When he plays outside the current favourite is to play with the stones around the patio. It takes him ages to select just the right stone to pick up and drag off. Once he gets it on to the patio he bats it between his pays or picks it up and drops it so it makes a good noise.

He also has a wooden post he likes to chew and a wicker planter. Sometimes he is happy to sniff about, other times he runs around the tree as though the wind is chasing him. Other times he will play with the leaves that have fallen or find a twig to chew.

Today there was something new, a squirrel running along the back fence, he stood and barked at that!

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