Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Rodders had another nap and another

After a busy time playing in the garden Rodders had a short nap but got woken fairly quickly when he heard Bob and Pat next door coming home and he started barking. Pat could hear him and was watching him over the fence. I let him out and he carried on barking on the patio until I went and joined him.

After a bit of a play Rodders had another nap this afternoon and woke up as Skevi, our lady that does, arrived. He nearly barked the house down.

Once he had settled down and Skevi and I had a catch up we went off to Pets at Home to give her some peace. I didn't bother with the choke chain and so we got out the house much quicker.

He was brilliant in the car but gave a small bark when I parked, think he was worried I might forget about him! Once his lead was on we made our way in to the shop, he was a little hesitant coming over the threshold but once in the shop he was barking to let everyone know he was there.

He made friends with a Bichon Frise called Lacey, a spaniel and a bits. It is strange that he will approach any dog without problem but will not go near people. A few people did take the time to get him to come to them though, which was lovely.

We nearly had a problem with a loose ball as he wanted to go and get it but I managed to get him away.

He was very good at walking on his lead and came when I asked him to. There are so many distractions i there I thought this was brilliant.

When we got back home he thought it was great fun to chase Skevi and the Swiffer as she cleaned the floor and he was pouncing and prancing after it. He also nearly managed to get the rubbish bag but a swift no stopped him.

He has now asked to come up on the sofa and seems to be tired again but there is so much going on with Skevi walking in and out plus the noise of the hoover he won't settle.

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