Sunday, 6 November 2011

A short afternoon

I made sure that he had been for a piddle and then put him in his crate with some treats so I could nip to the shops. He wasn't happy about this and cried as I went out of the front door even though I had covered the crate.

When I got back about half an hour later he was silent until he heard me walk in and then whimpered a bit. As I lifted the cover off the crate I could see that he had been scratching at the puppy pad and he had managed to empty the water bowl. He was very happy to see me and was desperate for a fuss as we headed to the garden.

We stayed out there for about half an hour with Rodders chasing one of his toys as I threw it for him. Leaving him seems to have woken him up but it is cold and windy out so I am not going to take him for another walk today, at least in the garden he is sheltered from it.

He got a fuss over the garden fence from Pat next door and then went back to playing and running about while we talked.

We came in and went upstairs so I could get changed in to something warmer. He seems to forget that he can climb stairs and stopped at the bottom crying until I said come on then. He then came running up and got a fuss at the top.

He has been playing in the conservatory while I put the shopping away and tidied the kitchen (yesterdays bomb site now looks OK again) and he came i  and barked then went to the conservatory door and barked to go in the garden. A quick piddle and he came running back in.

We have played with his ball, chasing it up and down from the conservatory to the lounge and he has just gone back out in the garden to sit and listen to Bob next door unload his fishing gear and put the car away. Bob usually throws his net over the fence to dry, when he did it today it set Rodders off barking. I let him bark a little and then went out and made him go and say hello to Bob and get a fuss. He then had a sniff of the net and was OK after that.

Bob caught 42lb today, nowhere near good enough for the winners 150lb!

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