Sunday, 6 November 2011

A bit more play and collapse

Rodders payed in the conservatory for a while but wanted someone to play with after a while so I obliged until it was time to cook dinner.

I took him in to the kitchen with me, some toys and a snuggle fleece. He was happy sniffing around in case I dropped something. He barked again so I let him in to the garden. He was happy out there until the fireworks started to go off - they were going off until almost 11 last night so I hope it isn't as late tonight.

Dinner made and a glass of wine poured (no, not normal - just fancied it) and I came through to the dining table. As soon as I sat down to eat he wanted to play so I was eating my pasta one handed and playing tug with him with the other. I have tidied up and put the dishwasher on and am back sitting at the dining table. He was curled up on snuggle fleece but has just got up for a drink. Think it is time we moved to the lounge.

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