Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Thank goodness for OH

Rodders was a bit of a horror yesterday evening and wouldn't settle for too long on snuggle fleece. He wanted to be up on a sofa with one of us.

At bedtime he was taken in to the garden for a piddle and then put in his bed with some treats. He was funny though, OH had already gone upstairs and he wanted to go and see him but he knew he wasn't allowed and sat by his crate as I pottered about switching off lights, locking the door and getting his treats, but he had one paw up! He was quiet as we went to bed.

And then at some ungodly hour (3.07 apparently) he was barking. OH got up and came down to him and next doors outside light was on, that may be what had unsettled him. He put him out in the garden for a piddle and it then took a while to settle him back down and OH didn't get back to bed until nearly 4. It took ages for next doors light to go off so maybe there was something in their garden.

At 5.15 OH's alarm went off and Rodders heard it so he had to come down fairly quickly. After a fuss Rodders wanted in to the garden for a piddle. He came back in for more fuss and then back out again for a poo.

He loves getting OH's yoghurt pot and was a bit impatient having to wait for it until OH had eaten his breakfast. It would seem that Rodders loves Banana yoghurt as he had his head in the pot licking it clean.

As well as getting his breakfast and dealing with Rodders OH managed to clean up the kitchen for me. He is a star and I love him dearly!

Rodders wanted upstairs to me and kept going to the lounge door. Instead of asking to go in the garden again the little horror piddled there instead and OH had to clean that up too so he didn't get a cuppa or any toast.

Rodders did get told off a couple of times for doing things he shouldn't, they went nose to nose at one point. Rodders reacts so much better to hits voice than mine :-(

When they came upstairs for OH to have a shower Rodders was reasonably happy to play in the bathroom, especially once he got hold of OH's slipper. He was walking around with his head in the foot bit with the sole going over the top of his head and kept bumping in to things as he couldn't see a thing.

Shower over they came to wake me (I had been dozing since OH got up and could hear some of what was going on, honest!), Rodders was very happy to be let loose on the bed and soon found me to give my face a good wash. At one point he went under the duvet but soon came back up, all these lovely little puppy squeaks going on. I love it when he is like this.

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