Monday, 14 November 2011

An evening with OH

As the  the patio door went, Rodders came out the kitchen and went the wrong way! Realising his mistake he quickly turned round and spotted who it was letting themselves in, what a greeting OH got, Rodders was nearly beside himself with glee and couldn't wait to be lifted up so that he could lick OH all over. They stood there for a little while saying hello and then went upstairs to get changed (well obviously OH was getting changed, Rodders wasn't). Rodders was very excited and getting up to mischief so OH had to tell him off a couple of times and have a stern word. He also put Rodders on the bed as he can't get off there, or he couldn't - he can now so it won't be long before he can get on and off the bed.

I popped upstairs just in time for them coming down and made Rodders come down on his own. Again he was very vocal and either barked or whinged at every step but he got all the way to the bottom.

Rodders and OH played in the conservatory while I finished dinner off, they seemed to have been having a good time.

I put dinner on the table and we had to try and keep an eye on Rodders as we ate, something else we are not used to. He did eventually come and settle on snuggle fleece though.

After dinner we cleared up and OH got the hoover out to help me by clearing up the dropped spice jar. This is the second time Rodders has seen the hoover (we have laminate floors downstairs so they get mopped & swiffered usually and the hoover stays upstairs) and he really wasn't sure. As OH started it up Rodders ran off in to the conservatory, I went and brought him back as it is important that he gets used to normal household noises. I stood at the kitchen door with him in my arms and he was fine. Once OH switched it off I put him down and encouraged him over to have a sniff. He seemed OK until it moved, but he didn't bark at it or chase it. It has been banished back upstairs so he may not have to come across it again any time soon.

While I finished off in the kitchen OH was checking what he needs to do to fit an outside light so I can see Rodders in the garden easier. Rodders was running free at this time and he barked so I came to check if he wanted to go in the garden, no thanks!

OH came through and sat at the dining table and spotted Rodders chewing something he shouldn't and dealt with it very swiftly. Rodders came away and went to sit on snuggle fleece.

Once we were all sorted and ready to move through to the lounge I spotted a piddle on the floor :-( This needed to be cleared up before we could settle down for the evening.

It is so frustrating that Rodders is still soiling in the house as he knows how to ask to go out and does it quite often.

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