Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A trying night

Rodders slept most of the evening other than getting up to go outside for a piddle or to move from one snuggle fleece to another.

When it came to bedtime at 10.30 he didn't want to do anything in the garden but went in to his bed with a couple of treats with no bother. We went upstairs and got in to bed, 15 minutes later Rodders started to cry, bark and whimper, getting louder and louder. OH went down and was with him for about 15 minutes. Rodders didn't want to have a piddle or a poo, he wanted to be inside and playing. He got put back in his bed, with the cover down.

He was quiet for a very short time and then started again. We left him for 15 minutes and then I came down. I didn't put on any lights and we went straight in to the garden, this time I got him to do a piddle and a poo. I brought him back in and managed to get him to settle and sleep on my lap. I transferred him to his bed and went upstairs.

Again Rodders was quiet for a short time and then started creating again. We left him for 15 minutes to see if he would settle, when it as obvious that it wasn't going to happen we debated who was going to go downstairs next. OH had to be up at 5am and was going to be working all day, I would be able to sleep when Rodders did so it seemed to be sensible that I went. Anyone who knows me and knows how tough it is for me to lose sleep will know what this means!

I came down and hardly spoke, we went in to the garden and then came back in to the conservatory. I sat on the floor with him and you could see that he really didn't want to play, he just wanted company and he was happy snuggled up to me. I moved to the sofa with him on my knee. Once he was settled I transferred him to the snuggle fleece on the floor and then dozed on the sofa. When it was obvious that he was fast asleep I moved him back in to his crate and climbed the stairs to bed. It was 1am.

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