Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sleepy boy

OH got up at 5am and came downstairs. Rodders wanted a fuss and then went in to the garden for a piddle. A bit more fuss and a snuggle and he went for a poo. He wasn't very awake (was anyone?) and just wanted to snuggle in OH's arms.

OH put down Rodders' breakfast but he wasn't interested. He brought Rodders upstairs while he had his shower. They both then came in to the bedroom and I lifted Rodders on to the bed while OH got dressed. He was quite good and settled reasonably well after he had been given a fuss.

Once OH was dressed we all came downstairs, it was just gone 6am :-( We saw OH out the door and then dragged him back as he had forgotten his lunch. I made a cuppa and came through to the lounge, Rodders settled at my feet on snuggle fleece and slept. After an hour we went in to the garden and he had a piddle but he is back snoring at my feet.

We have also been upstairs so that I could use the bathroom. Rodders sat at the bottom of the stairs and cried but came up with a bit of encouragement. Trouble was he went straight in to the bedroom and stole a pair of nickers from the laundry. These got taken off him and put back with a firm no. He then tried to get them again so he was grabbed by the scruff of his neck and put on the floor with a very firm no. He whimpered at this but didn't try to go back.

It looks as though our routine is all to pot today.

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