Monday, 7 November 2011


Walking wasn't fun for Rodders yesterday as we tried to put in to practice the lessons from Puppy School and this morning started off the same :-( He just didn't want to walk and kept sitting down. For a puppy that was happy on his lead this is a disaster.

I was talking to OH on the phone but I hung up so that I could concentrate on Rodders and get him walking happily. It took a while but he was soon trotting along beside me, stopping to sniff every now and again. Much better!

We managed to do the right hand circuit around the roads in our 20 minute slot and Rodders was happy to come home.

While I took my boots off he hot footed it upstairs. I had to run after him as I was frightened that he would trip on his lead. Lesson for later, take your wellies off after his lead!

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