Monday, 7 November 2011

Funny boy

Rodders woke up just before 5.30, hardly surprising as he flatly refused to do anything in the garden at 10.30 last night other than play :-(

When I came down he had a quick fuss before going out in to the garden for a piddle. He wanted to play and went in search of his toy, it was flipping freezing and blowing a gail so I came in. Rodders swiftly followed and had a play in the conservatory until I went upstairs to the bathroom. He came too.

We came back down and he asked for his breakfast, ate a bit of it and then wanted out in the garden for a poo. Then a bit more breakfast and a fuss, followed by a play. He wanted out again by which time it was raining, he sniffed around the patio and then came back in for a dry off with the towel.

He responds quite well to no biting so I have now tried using that when he is chewing something he shouldn't. It seems to be working so far.....

The Magpies woke up and he was sat at the back door listening to them so I opened the door and he ventured as far as his step to listen.

He then came and sat down beside me on snuggle fleece for about 10 minutes as I was typing this up. He then got up and stood making a strange noise, almost like a mixture between a sniff and a sneeze, looking towards Bob and Pat's fence. This was followed by a weird bark - this could be the Schnauzer Roo Roo people talk about on the forum. I got up to see what he was looking at, really not sure but it could be a shrub blowing in the wind.

Right, time I was getting dressed and ready for our first walk. It is Sign on day today and I need to be there for 9!

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