Thursday, 3 November 2011

We made it!

I took Rodders out in to the garden before bed last night and all he wanted to do was come straight back in, nothing would entice him back to the grass for a piddle. Eventually I gave in and came in and put him in to his bed with a treat.

He didn't make a sound until 6.30 this morning!!!!!!!!! Infact I was awake before him and just lay there until I heard him :-)

He heard me go to the bathroom and got a bit more vocal, sorry Rodders I can't come down any quicker.

After a very quick fuss we made our way to the door to go in the garden. It was raining and I had my slippers on so I let him go off for a piddle on his own. He came flying straight back in and found me in the kitchen by the kettle. He picked his ball up and went for a play in the conservatory and then two minutes later bolted out of the door for a poo.

He came back in and asked for his breakfast, one mouthful and he was off to play! A bit if a a play and a fuss and he has gone back to it. Lets see how much of it he eats today. I have cut it down a little as he never seems to finish his bowlful :-( But he isn't starved, you can tell that by how energetic he is, how playful and how happy he seems, not to mention the podgy puppy tummy!

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