Thursday, 3 November 2011

Why oh why

We are sat here with the back door wide open, as it is a dull but warm day, so Rodders has access to the garden at all times.

He has been playing and dozing on snuggle fleece all morning.

So why, when I get up to grab something to eat does he follow me in to the kitchen, piddle on the floor, and then go and sit at the kitchen door crying?

I picked him up and put him in the garden and went back to the kitchen closing the baby gate behind me. As I put down kitchen roll to mop it up he came running in and was cross because he couldn't get in the kitchen. He barked and whined while I ate my cereal and ignored him. He gave up and went off to play. He had a look at the bears in the lounge but came away when asked, He went to chew the rolled up carpet and stopped when asked. He came back to the baby gate while I was clearing up and cried as he wasn't allowed in.

I have sprayed liberally with stain & odour removal and he is desperate to get back in there and has cried at the baby gate. He has gone off to play again but keeps chewing the rolled up carpet. He will stop when asked and can be diverted on to another toy.

Off to clear up the stain & odour removal, it should have done it's stuff by now!

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