Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rodders doesn't like being isolated

Rodders took himself off to play until I went back in the kitchen to mop up the satin & odour remover and then empty the washing machine closing the baby gate behind me.

He doesn't like not being with me and tried to bark, cry, howl to be let in to the kitchen with me. I ignored him until I had finished and he had stopped making the racket. He would go off and have a play but come back and do the same again. Once he was quiet I let him in with me and he then started barking at the wet washing hanging over the cupboard door! He thinks it is for him to play with and cannot understand why it is out of reach.

He followed me about while I hung things on radiators, grizzling because he wasn't allowed to play. He ventrally went off in to the conservatory to play with his bone.

He is just behind me with it on the rolled up carpet and every now and again he has a chew at the carpet. If I turn around and ask if he is chewing the carpet he has a little grizzle and picks up the bone as if to say No, not me Mum, it was my bone, honest!

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