Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Working in the garden

Rodders woke up and had a fuss and I told him that we were going upstairs to the bathroom and then we were going in the garden.

He came up and down with me and seemed very excited when I picked up my wellies from the front door and put on my coat but was a little confused that I did not bring his lead.

We went to the shed first and got out the rake and started raking up the leaves. Rodders wasn't sure what to make of this but soon got the hang of it. I poop scooped as I went and managed to get two big piles of leaves, amazingly Rodders didn't jump about in them too much but he thought it was great fun.

We stopped half way and came inside so that I could grab a couple of bags. Rodders took the opportunity to eat his breakfast (or should I call it lunch now?).

Bags in hand and, with Rodders help (!), I managed to fill them by using the rake and the dustpan. It was a bit tricky getting the leaves in to the bag with his assistance but I was glad to see him happily playing in the garden.

Once the bags were full I stopped to play fetch and chase with him. He was his usual self, barking and prancing about when he had his toy in his mouth.

He wasn't too happy when I left him in the lounge while I transferred the leaves from the bags to the bin and he barked a bit.

I have come in and made a cuppa but I have left the patio door open and he is happy running in and out. Thank goodness for laminate floors, at least it will be easy to mop up muddy paw prints.

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