Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Not sure he is right

I really am not sure that Rodders is right today. It could be that his routine has gone to pot, it could be that he isn't happy at the change in discipline in the last 24 hours, it could be lack of sleep, it could be all the fireworks over the last few days, but he just isn't right.

He hasn't eaten and all he really wants to do is lie on snuggle fleece and sleep. If I potter about doing things he cries.

I have had my breakfast and he sat in the conservatory and nosed his toys but didn't play like normal. I am going to give him a further hour of sleep and then we are going to go in to the garden to pick up leaves. I need to get him happy to be in the garden again. I know it is damp but he loved being out there, rain or shine.

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