Friday, 11 November 2011

OH drops by

OH dropped in on his way home. Rodders was asleep at my feet as the patio door opened, he shot up barking and headed in to the kitchen before realising his mistake and heading to the door.

As soon as he saw who it was he changed completely and his tail was wagging. OH picked him up straight away and Rodders was happy to be nestled in his arms and was licking his face. I love the fact that they obviously adore each other, it makes me very happy!

After I hade made a cuppa OH went up to the bathroom and Rodders wasn't sure if he should go too, I needed to grab more wrapping paper so I went up as well and Rodders followed. He got a big fuss from OH at the top as he can now climb the stairs so well.

Once back down they had a bit of a play and I tried to do Rodders gunky eye with cotton wool, he wasn't very happy about it and I don't think I have done a very good job.

While we sat chatting Rodders started to chew the rolled up carpet so OH told him No, Rodders ignored him so he said it again louder. Rodders stopped and shot down the other end. It took a while for him to come back and make friends.

Before OH left Rodders had another snuggle in his arms and we ended up with a group hug :-)

As OH went out through the door and across the patio Rodders and I stood at the door watching. Rodders then ran after him but wasn't quick enough to get through the gate. He stood quietly listening until OH started the car and drove away, he then turned and came back towards me but as he got to the door he turned back and went for a piddle.

Once back in he wanted up on the sofa with me. He was wriggling as normal and nearly ended up on the floor at one stage so asked to go down. He is now asleep on snuggle fleece at my feet.

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