Sunday, 6 November 2011

An unusual evening

Rodders rarely wakes up in the evening and has to be picked up and taken outside for a piddle (much to his disgust) every two or three hours, he will occasionally wander to his water bowl and back but that is about all the activity we usually see.

Not tonight!

He has been asleep on snuggle fleece since about 6pm and woke up about 15 minutes ago (damn, nearly missed the end of X Factor!). He wandered sleepily towards the front window so I asked if he wanted to go in the garden and walked towards the conservatory. He trotted happily behind me and we went in to the garden. Fireworks have been going off all evening, luckily for us there was a bit of a lull. Rodders had a piddle and then went to find his toy! I headed towards the door, it is flipping freezing out there and we don't know how long we will be firework free. Rodders came back in with a twig and flopped in the conservatory to chew it.

After X Factor I ran upstairs to the bathroom and he came to. When we came back down I put him on snuggle fleece and he wandered off to finish his supper and have a drink from his bowl. He is now happily trotting around playing and getting in to mischief.

And there was me hoping for an early night!

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