Monday, 14 November 2011

Cold & dreary afternoon

Rodders and I both ended up having a snooze on the sofa. I woke first and then woke Rodders up to go in to the garden for a piddle and a play. He hadn't been out since our walk earlier.

When he came back in we went upstairs to the bathroom and I got him to come down the stairs by himself. It took ages and he either barked or whinged at every step but it kept him busy for about 15 minutes!

He has been a bundle of energy running around the garden and playing with the stones. He then had a mad five minutes where he was running around the tree then flying underneath the cover on the patio table and then back again.

He has been inside playing with his toys and getting up to mischief. If I can get his attention and say a firm no he will come away when he is chewing something he shouldn't and he gets a big fuss, if I don't have his attention he gets a bit bitey and so I have ended up in the kitchen a couple of times behind the baby gate.

I needed to nip to the shop so I had to put him in his crate for a little while. He seemed happy about it as he was given some treats until I was locking the front door and then he started to cry. He was quiet when I got back twenty minutes later until I walked in the door and then he was barking. According to the training book you should not let dogs out of the crate until they are quiet but Rodders was not quietening down even when he could see me and I was talking to him. I gave in and let him out. We went straight in to the garden and I poop scooped while he chased me about.

He wrecked his crate while I have been out, the bed pad is out of his bed and half in the water bowl, the fleece is in the bed and he was on top of it. I need to find something to occupy him while I am out but I have been checking the chews and they all say for adult dogs or 4 months and older. The training school did suggest a frozen kong filled with sausage meat so we may have to try that, especially if I am going to be out for a while.

We have been up to the bathroom but he refused to come back down the stairs himself and kept running away, I gave up and carried him down in the end.

He has played in the conservatory and has chased his ball for a little while but soon got bored.

The little horror also managed to grab one of my bears so got told off for that.

He is now curled up beside me on the sofa on his fleece.

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