Monday, 14 November 2011

Tired boy

Rodders has a limited attention span this morning.

While he was snoozing I rang to book him in to the puppy party at the vets which takes place over four weeks from the 23rd. This will be great as it is limited to 6 puppies and he will get to play off lead.

He has been trembling quite a lot this morning in his sleep, not sure what that is all about.

He woke up from his nap and went to play with the yoghurt pot for about half an hour, chasing it around the conservatory and barking for help when it got stuck under a chair. He seems to love the noise it makes as he bounces it around the floor and he is getting quite good at ripping it to shreds, I worry that it will cut his mouth so take it off him when I think it has gone far enough.

We then went upstairs to get washed and dressed and Rodders doesn't seem to want to eat his breakfast this morning. He had a little when OH was down with him earlier and I put some in his Kong but he wasn't really bothered by it today and went to play with his squeaky toy instead.

When we came down I let him in the garden and he was playing happily while I got my wellies on. Then I saw him run back in and go straight to the rolled up carpet making a strange noise so I went to investigate. He had brought in a stone from the end of the patio and he wasn't very happy when I took it off him and put it back even though I explained that stones stay there.

I put my coat on and he started leaping around and it took me a while to get him to sit so I could put on his choke chain, then we had another battle to get his lead on but we eventually got out for a walk. He did so much better today so maybe being out with Finnan on Saturday has done some good. He did mess about a bit when he saw another dog but I managed to get him to sit and then concentrate on me before moving forward again. He did keep looking back but kept going in the right direction mostly. We made our way to the rugby field and then on to the Nicky Line heading towards the Bridge and Church. We came up the steps at the church and turned right towards the mini roundabout but he was getting a bit spooked by the traffic so we need to do more walking along the road but in short bursts. We turned right and walked back along through the estate and I tried to get him past Pentland but he wasn't having it. So I walked him back past home and then turned left and did a loop past Kev and Jane's before coming home.

Once I got him to sit and took his lead off he bolted up the stairs while I was taking my wellies off. He then stood there barking so I went nearly to the top and said you got yourself up here so you need to come back down yourself. With lots of encouragement he eventually came down a step at a time and got loads of fuss at the bottom.

Once back in he was happy to play for a little while with his toys and managed a sneaky chew at the carpet as I caught him with a bit of wool in his mouth. I sat on the floor with him giving him a  fuss and he climbed up on to my knee.

Tiredy boy needs another nap!

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