Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A disturbed night

At 10.20 last night it was time to go to bed, I was exhausted and Rodders had been asleep for a while on the floor.

I took him out in to the garden for a piddle and tried to stay out longer and see if he would have a poo. He wasn't having any of that and headed to the door. I put him in his bed with some treats and headed upstairs. Not a peep. After last night this was brilliant.

Then at 2.45 this morning he was barking as though he needed to go out. I came down and, without putting any lights on, said garden. We went outside and all he would do was bark on the patio. Hmm, wonder what is going on, has someone been trying to get in? He went in to the kitchen and was sniffing around. I called him and put him in his bed with a treat and went back upstairs.

Less than 15 minutes later he was barking again. I came down again after leaving him for 15 minutes and we went straight in to the garden, no lights & not a lot of talking. He tried to bark but I told him no, people are sleeping, and he stopped. He then sniffed around and had a poo. We came back in and he was put in his bed with a treat.

Silence as I got back in to bed. Well actually as I climbed on the bed in my dressing gown! Just as I was dozing off I could hear something out the front, a fox barking? That set Rodders off again but this was a different bark, more whingy, was he testing who was pack leader? I decided to stay where I was. He carried on for a little while so I shouted at him, not that it made a difference. After about 15 minutes he gave up and was quiet until about 6.30.

I rolled over and went back to sleep this morning and he seems to have given up and waited until he heard me move at 7am. When I came down and was giving him a fuss I spotted that he had piddled in the kitchen in the night, must have been the first time we came down as that was the only time he went in there. I pulled the baby gate too so that he couldn't get in there and we headed to the garden.

He had a piddle but wasn't interested in doing anything else so we came back in. He had a little play as I went in to the kitchen to put the kettle on for a cuppa and only had a minor whinge as I closed the baby gate behind me, more so when I used the kitchen roll!

Cuppa made and stain & odour removal sprayed I came out the kitchen and Rodders had a little play until I went upstairs to the bathroom. He came too and was a bit put out that the bedroom door had been pulled too, I will stop you getting my laundry young man!

Back downstairs I cleared up the stain and odour remover, Rodders sat and watched and didn't try to chase the kitchen roll. We went in to the conservatory for a little play and a fuss until the phone went. While I was talking to OH Rodders curled up beside me on snuggle fleece and went back to sleep! He is very subdued this morning & he had to be encouraged off snuggle fleece for a bit of a play when OH got cut off. He went straight back on snuggle fleece at the earliest opportunity though. More chatting with OH, filling me in on last night and people we know.

OH thinks I did the right thing in the night but has suggested that I check the back gate, just in case.

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