Friday, 18 November 2011

A dinner out

OH and I used to eat out fairly regularly and I tried to stay in hotels with him whenever I could (if it was within reasonable commenting distance from work) so, although he is away working an awful lot, we always managed to spend a lot of time together. Over the last six weeks I have been housebound settling Rodders in and doing his basic training so OH has got home whenever he could, even if it is a flying visit on his way to his house.

Even our phone calls have had to be curtailed as I have had to hang up to deal with a Rodders crisis of some sort.

I can't tell you how much I have missed him!

So, tonight, we are staying in a hotel with Rodders and he is allowed to come with us for meals as long as we eat in the bar, rather than the restaurant. Never have I been more worried about going out for dinner! How would Rodders behave with all these strange people and different noises?

Well the answer to that is???? Brilliantly!!!!!!

OH walked him over to the restaurant on his lead while I ambled along with his fleece and my pockets full of treats. Rodders was a little hesitant walking in the door and along the corridor to the bar but we found a table quickly and I tried to settle him beside me on snuggle fleece. He wasn't having any of that as it was very noisy (lots of people had been enjoying Beajulois Nouveau since lunchtime and were still drinking!) so I gave up and brought him up on my knee. OH got our drinks and menu's and came to join us. He tried to take Rodders but he definitely wasn't going to settle with him so we swapped him over again. We ordered dinner and he started to drop off in my arms, this was a miracle in itself as he was attracting lots of attention and fuss from people.

I managed to eat my starter one handed with him beginning to drop off to sleep in my arms and by the time my main course arrived I had transferred him to the floor (carefully tied to the table) and he slept there on his snuggle fleece until we were ready to go back to our room.

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