Friday, 18 November 2011

A dash to Pets at Home

We swapped the car crate from my car to OH's (he has Sat Nav and I don't, yet!) and went off to the nearest Pets at Home.

We hard only just walked in the door when we spotted another puppy and Rodders wanted to play. I let him for a minute while OH was being bamboozled by the choice of extending leads! We ended up grabbing an assistant for help and came away with that and some more (very expensive) poop bags. Although my pockets are usually full of them I only has two with me, silly me :-(

As we paid Rodders for a treat from the assistant on the till. It was a bit big so we welt him carry it back to the car. Back at the hotel it was time for a quick wash and change for OH and I. I also put a snuggle fleece on the floor at the end of the bed so that Rodders had somewhere familiar. He was quite good while we were getting changed and mainly sat on that if he wasn't chasing socks!

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