Friday, 4 November 2011

Evening with OH

Rodders and I were in the kitchen when OH arrived home from work. As he opened and came in the patio door Rodders started to bark, he left the kitchen and went to investigate who it was. As he heard OH speak the noises changed from a bark to a happy sound and his tail and ears came up, he was thrilled to see him and wanted a fuss straight away.

After a quick hello OH and Rodders went upstairs so that OH could get changed. I had told him to watch Rodders when he flushes the toilet. When Rodders is with me he puts his front feet on the toilet seat and watches the water going down the bowl and barks when it stops. OH is obviously much more fun than me as Rodders wasn't interested at all!

They chased each other around upstairs having a great time. They then came back down and played while I finished getting dinner ready.

Rodders lay at my feet while we ate mainly but was wandering about a bit so needed an eye keeping on him.

After dinner OH and Rodders had a snuggle and a play while I cleared up. We needed to sort out my new printer and Rodders was very interested in the paper and wanted to chew it. OH was trying to do this on his own but was finding Rodders a bit of a handful, he was trying to eat the paper, pay the computer and generally getting the attention on him. Maybe now you can see why I don't seem to get much done in the house at the moment!

Printer sorted (eventually!) and we moved through to the lounge to watch some tv. Rodders wanted to be at my feet on snuggle fleece for a snooze.

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