Thursday, 3 November 2011

Just in time.... Or Not

Rodders asked to come up on my knee after our walk and he fell asleep quite quickly and got transferred to snuggle fleece on the floor. He stayed there until OH rang to say he was on his way so I went in to the kitchen to start dinner.

Rodders followed me through, still looking dopey, so I grabbed snuggle fleece and out it on the floor. He lay there for a little while and then went through to the conservatory & I followed to see if he wanted out. Off he went in to the garden and came back with his latest treasure, a yoghurt pot, He played with it for a little while, barking when it got stuck anywhere so that I could go and rescue it.

He then had a mad 5 minutes running up and down the full length of the house like a lunatic! He slides as he tries to go around corners and sometimes rolls himself right over. I smiled and went back to cooking dinner.

Then there was a short cry and I was at a point where I couldn't stop so said just a minute. As I put things down and went through to the conservatory he was mid poop :-( I opened the door to the patio and he ran straight out. I cleared up and as I came back from the bin he skulked back in. I gave him a fuss, how could it be his fault, he asked to go out and I was too busy.

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