Sunday, 6 November 2011

Twas a brief hiatus

Rodders ran about for a little while longer with me following him around. He got himself between the dresser and table and pooped behind a chair where I couldn't get to him quick enough :-(

I daren't put him in the garden because of the fireworks so he got shut in the kitchen behind the baby gate while I cleared up. From the noise he was making you would think that I had abandoned him. He was jumping up at the gate and throwing himself on the floor and nearly went bonkers when I was using the kitchen roll and when I went to the bin at the front door.

I sprayed the area liberally with stain & odour removal (maybe I should do the whole floor?), left it for a while and then mopped up. Rodders was still barking and whining so I went in to the kitchen to use the bin and ignored him until he quietened down.

I then let him out and the first thing he did was to go and sniff the area, not sure if he was checking I had cleared up properly or what. He then wanted to come straight up on my knee but I made him sit and wait, which set him off barking again!

Once he was quiet I let him up and he promptly fell asleep again. He is now back on snuggle fleece at my feet.

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