Thursday, 3 November 2011

Going out

I needed to go to Tesco today and Rodders was not happy to go in his crate.

As soon as he saw me put on my boots and coat he was making little crying noises and tried to run away from me when I said he had to go in his bed. I caught him, got him some biscuits, and put him in his bed. He promptly tried to escape so I put him back in and shut the door. I gave him my usual goodbye, saying I wouldn't be long, no noise, no mess and walked out. He was crying before I got to the door and when I locked up but I couldn't hear him when I walked away towards the car.

Fingers crossed he will be OK, I didn't put the cover down this time.

I did all the shopping needed and notes Tesco will be shut from 13th to 21st so they can finish of the refurb and took a call from an employment agency about a job in Hemel paying lots. (Oh yes please, exactly what I am after) before heading home.

Rodders was silent as I walked in until he could see me and then started whimpering. He had wrecked the puppy pad and moved his bed and was sitting to the right of it behind the water bowl. He soon leapt back in his bed though while I opened the crate and gave him a fuss.

We went straight in to the garden so he could have a piddle but he didn't want to be far from me.

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