Saturday, 12 November 2011

A good morning

After a play Rodders had a snooze on snuggle blanket before going in to the garden for a piddle. I am trying to get him to ask to go out rather than just look at the door and we are getting there.

I went upstairs for a shower and Rodders came too. He was chasing his Kong with Kibble in it until I switched the shower on, then he had to come and have a look and see if he could catch the water but he soon got bored with that. I got in and closed the door and he tried to lick the water underneath the door.

He went off and played with a toilet roll inner and tried to chew my dressing gown, a swift Rodders No from the shower stopped that so he went back to play.

When I switched the water off and opened the shower door he came running over and stepped in to lap up the water. When I got out he followed me and tried to bite the towel but soon stopped. He hasn't eaten all of the kibble in his Kong so there is some left for another bathroom trip.

I am making lots of fuss of him when he stops doing something when asked and this seems to be working.

We are going back upstairs in a minute so I can dry my hair and get dressed. I hope this goes as well as the other day!

Then it is off to puppy school.

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