Saturday, 12 November 2011

Someone stole the naughty puppy

Rodders slept from OH leaving until I woke him up to go out in the garden for a piddle at about 10.30. It was chucking it down with rain so neither of us were very happy to be out there and he quickly did what he had to do and we came back in.

I put him in his bed with a couple of treats and shut the crate, not a peep.

I woke at 6.30 and there was silence. I lay there listening for him and he gave the odd noise but nothing serious. At 7am he was a little more vocal but not like he usually is. I got up and walked across the landing to the bathroom and he started to bark but stopped barking as I came down the stairs and started making puppy noises.

Rodders came out of the crate and rolled over for a fuss. After giving him a big fuss for being such a good boy we went in to the garden. He piddled and pooped and then had a bit of a play before we headed inside for me to make a cuppa.

He has been happy to play with his toys in the conservatory and has stopped chewing the rolled up carpet when I have said Rodders No without any fuss twice now.

He has been so affectionate this morning, and has been up for snuggles and then back down to play.

As I have got his treat pot filled up to cover us for the next few days he sat nicely in the kitchen so got to sample one of each, after breakfast of course!

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