Saturday, 12 November 2011

Our second day at school

We did so well this morning I even managed breakfast before we went to school.

We were the first ones there again so we had a wander about on the grass in case Rodders needed a piddle, he shouldn't as he had one as soon as we got out the house.

Two further puppies turned up, Mylie a welsh collie and a beagle who's name I have forgotten already. They were in their 8th and 10th week so Rodders was way behind them and it showed during the class. The class before us came and mingled like they did last week and Rodders was much happier this time, he wanted to play with some of the big dogs but wasn't sure about others.

This week we had a different teacher, she and Sam share alternate saturdays apparently. We did puppy socialisation by handing round our dogs and giving them treats - theirs were too big for Rodders so I had to share out some of our treats!

We then went to the field and Rodders walked most of the way, happy trotting after the other puppies but nowhere near to heal. Apparently that will come! Once in the field we did some heel work and I mentioned that Rodders hasn't been very happy to walk this week and prefers sitting, apparently that is OK too but I need to give him much more encouragement to get him moving.  She seemed a little more understanding of where Rodders is and where he needs to get to. I need to place him much more than I was told to last week to show him where I want him to sit.

After normal heel work and sits we practiced walking around a cone clockwise and anti clockwise, we did a slalom through the other dogs as they were sitting down and everybody was very understanding when Rodders couldn't keep up or decided he wasn't going to walk.  Then we moved on to the agility course, Rodders liked going through the tunnel with the trainer at one end holding him and me at the other calling him, he did that twice and trotted through very happily the second time. He wasn't very sure about the A Frame the first time but cracked it for his second attempt.

Oh, and he was the only dog to poop during lessons :-( Maybe that is why you shouldn't feed them first!

We then went back to the field and did sit, wait and then sit, down, stay. Rodders was easily distracted by what the other dogs are doing and it was hard to keep his attention. He was better at sit, wait.

The other dogs got to try heel off lead while Rodders and I walked around practicing heel.

After this we headed back to the hall and he had to have two goes at sit, wait before we came in the door. We then talked about control and the problems I have had with him this week. The trainer agreed that I am doing the right things with No and ignoring him by either putting him in the kitchen or me. She has also suggested a choke chain and we have come away with a small one. It seemed to work in the hall, lets see how I get on with it, I suppose it is better than pulling him along by the collar. I need to remember to take £3 with me next week to pay for it as I didn't take my handbag with me this week. They are also going to let me know when the Friday puppy class is starting.

We still have a long way to go!

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