Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Not such a good walk

After we did so well yesterday I had high hopes for today. Rodders was messing about but I managed to get the choke chain on and then the lead, while managing to out my wellies on and stopping him escaping up the stairs!

Once we were out of the door I realised that the choke chain was on the wrong way around so had to stop, disconnect the lead and attach it to the normal collar, take the choke chain off and back on again before re-attaching the lead. While this was going on he was trying to eat my gloves.

We were back to walk, sit, walk even once we got to the rugby field and I had to resort to the training toy to get him moving.

We bumped in to a couple with two dogs, a westie and a miniature schnauzer called Biscuit. They were both quite vocal and Rodders sat behind me and just looked at them for a while before getting braver and coming forward for a sniff, but he didn't fancy playing with these two at all. Once we had all passed the time of the day we moved on. We had only walked a third of the field but it is tough when Rodders is messing about and I don't like dragging him.

We did a bit of the road and there wasn't too much traffic about and he walked quite nicely, even past two children with their Mum.

We came back via Jane and Kev's and in to Pentland so only a shot walk but we were out for half an hour. Once inside I took his lead off before he managed to get upstairs.

We had an answer phone message from the dog training school to say we can switch to the Friday class, yippee! We can get our weekend back :-)

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