Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Walk, don't walk

I went to get washed and dressed, Rodders sat at the bottom of the stairs and cried for a while but eventually came up. He tried to steal laundry and got another firm no and stopped in his tracks. He came in to the bathroom and lay on the bathmat while I got dressed but got up for a sniff when I put my socks on. When we came downstairs he lay on snuggle fleece while I sorted my hair out and tied it back.

Rodders seemed to be excited as I got my coat and wellies on and sat for his lead and collar to go on.

He shot out the door, sniffed around the front garden, followed me up the path and sat. And there we stayed until Andrew at No 1 came out to his bin. Rodders barked at him and was happy to walk towards him, barking as he went, but at least he was going!

By the way we have a rocket embedded in the front lawn, I took a photo and will upload it later.

Andrew gave him a fuss and we walked around the corner. A lady came past us and he barked at her. He sat down and watched a lady on the other side of the street and gruffed at her. He then walked a little way and sat down refusing to move. I tried everything to get him to move but he wasn't having it. Finally I tried the training toy and he happily chased that to the corner and then sat. Using the training toy again I got him moving again as far as the next corner and half way down the next bit and then he sat.

Another neighbour was walking home from the shop and Rodders started to walk as she got close and then sat down again. The pair of us tried to get him to move and he wouldn't, I gave up and lifted him around the corner in to Pentland. He was then happy to walk to the door.

We had been out for 20 minutes but most of that was sitting down :-(

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