Thursday, 10 November 2011

Rodders is active!

So since we came in from the garden Rodders has played on his own, played with me, chewed the rolled up carpet, chewed by dressing gown, eaten some breakfast, dragged snuggle fleece out of his bed, followed by the bed pad and asked to go back in the garden.

He has happily played with the stones at the end of the patio for 10 minutes, actually managing to get one out and then playing with it by batting it between his paws. He has barked to let the neighbours know he is awake, been back in the conservatory for a quick play and out again.

I thought we were having a good morning. And then he pooped in the kitchen getting himself thrown in the garden while I cleaned up and used the stain & odour remover. He hardly made a sound for five minutes and then barked to come back in. I made him wait a couple more minutes while I emptied the washing machine. He slunk back in and has now asked to come up and is sitting on my knee having the odd sneaky lick.

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