Friday, 18 November 2011

Rodders first hotel room

Rodders had a good sniff about the hotel room and was happy that there were some smells that he recognised when he found OH's shoes (he has been here for a couple of nights already). I got out his water bowl and a couple of toys to try and keep him amused and I showed him how we get outside to the garden.

We got a call from Sue to let us know there was another dog staying and if we opened our door she would pop along with Olly so that they could meet. Rodders was very happy to have a friend and they had a good sniff and a quick play.

I rang OH to let him know we had arrived but that I had forgotten to bring the extending lead. He said he would be leaving work shortly and not to worry, we could sort it.

I gave Rodders his supper in a Kong and we had a run about the garden before OH arrived and I managed to track down the nearest Pets at Home. I did also have to stop him chewing the bedding and the bath mat but he was generally well behaved but with the odd bark!

When OH came in to the room Rodders barked and then realised who it was and wanted straight up for a snuggle.

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