Friday, 18 November 2011

More new things

Rodders was brilliant in the car as we headed to Southampton to the Concorde Club, This is a lovely little hotel that OH and I know well and, even better, they are happy to accept we behaved dogs. This was Rodders first visit and my fingers were firmly crossed that he would be a well behaved dog!

He walked nicely from the car in to reception and the Hotel Manager & Receptonist were expecting him. Sue came straight out to meet him and he played on the floor with her for ages and was very happy that she gave him a treat.

He then gave a little whine which I guessed meant he needed to go to the toilet. We nipped out the door, along the path, through the gate and in to the garden and, after a quick sniff around, he pooped. A few more minutes running about we went back and he had another play with Sue before she showed us to our room.

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