Sunday, 11 December 2011

An active puppy

Rodders slept on the bed pad at my feet until about 9.30 and then wanted in to the garden. Heaven knows where he found it but he came back in with some bubble wrap in his mouth.

We then went upstairs for me to wash and dress and he ate another kong full of kibble. While I was getting dressed he sat on the bed and, even though I had put my underwear on the pillow he left it alone when asked. He did try to help me put my socks on though.

Once I was dressed I put him on the floor while I sorted out some washing. He disappeared with one of my slippers and I could hear him squeaking and went to check where he was. He was squeaking because the door to the lounge was shut and he couldn't get in so I ignored him, the next minute he appeared in the bedroom and took my other slipper off. Oh well, at least they will both be downstairs!

I sorted the washing and went to go down stairs with it and found Rodders on the landing with both slippers so he can now carry them both down and upstairs.

As I put the washing on he asked to go in the garden and was running about sniffing and playing with the stones. It has started to rain by the time he came in and he was happy to play with his toys and yoghurt pots. He likes to hide the yoghurt pots under a chair and then pretend that he can't get to them. Once I am down on the floor trying to retrieve them he will jump all over me, he even barks at them in places he can easily get to.

He is just a bundle of energy this morning and I need to wear him out so that I can pop him in the crate while I go to Tesco to get this weeks shopping. Off to play ball for a while!

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