Thursday, 8 December 2011

A lazy afternoon

Once we were back home Rodders was happy to snooze on his bed pad and sit on my knee but wasn't very active until about 4pm when he started playing and wanted to go in and out of the garden several times.

While he was being fairly quiet I gave him a chew. These take him about half an hour to get through and he only gets about one a week, they are supposed to be good for his teeth.

I did manage to get him to sit still on my knee for about half an hour this afternoon and comb him through. He wasn't ever so happy about it but seemed to realise I wasn't going to stop until I was done.

I have put his toys in to his old plastic bed and put the new bed pad in his crate. He can't work out why the toys are in the bed and keeps taking them out one by one, especially if he is around when I put them back!

He has been running about the house with his yoghurt pots and ball and beating up teddy but most of his toys did get played with a little today.

Out in the garden he seems to love sitting or lying facing in to the wind and his ears get blown backwards. He just barks at it! He has also been digging and has been running between the tree and the patio.

OH called to say he was on his way and typically Rodders had just settled on my knee after two hours of activity when he came in through the back door. Rodders stood straight up on my knee with his front feet on the arm of the sofa barking like mad but with his tail wagging. He then changed from barks to whimpers of delight at soon as he realised who it was and wanted to get down. Just before I went to lift him down he decided he could do it himself and jumped from the sofa to the bed pad and then hopped off there and ran to OH. He jumped up to be lifted and was squeaking with pleasure as he gave OH a wash and nibbled his ears and beard.

Once Rodder settled they both went upstairs and Rodders appeared back with one of my slippers. When I took that off him he went back to get the other one! Once OH was changed they both came back down for a snuggle and play in the conservatory before OH helped me finish off dinner.

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