Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A quiet evening, other than the barking

Rodders and I stayed home this evening.

He pottered about while I cooked myself a nice dinner and while I ate it he was being very quiet so I got up to see why. He was very happily shredding a tissue on the kitchen floor.

After dinner he was happy to come and lie down on his bed pad until it was time for his supper. He has been so hungry today that he wolfed down his tea an hour early and then supper had to be early too. Luckily he was happy to settle down for the evening after a trip to the garden and didn't want anything else to eat. He did bark intermittently through the evening though.

At 11.30pm I woke him up to go out for a piddle and then had to encourage him in to his crate for the night. Tomorrow he is allowed some kibble mixed in to his dinner, I wonder how that will go.

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