Monday, 5 December 2011

A noisy morning

At 10.40 last night Rodders got up and went for a bit of a play in the conservatory and then asked to go in to the garden for a piddle so I took the opportunity to go to bed.

After I had locked up and switched out the lights he had to be shown his treats before he would climb in to bed. Once I locked the crate he didn't make a sound.

I took ages to get off to sleep and was woken by Rodders at about 5.40am. I left him for five minutes but he wasn't quietening down so I got up and came down stairs, After a fuss he went straight to the lounge door to try and get upstairs but I had closed it. As I went to put the kettle on he asked to go in to the garden for a piddle. He came back in for five minutes and then asked to go back out again. He has been in and out quite a lot so far today and has obviously been digging by the amount of mud on his feet and beard.

He has played inside with his toys, chasing them up and down the lounge but has also tried to chew things he shouldn't.

As more people are now out and about outside he has started barking at the noise of them scraping the ice off their cars.

Rodders hasn't shown any interest in his breakfast at all today yet.

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