Sunday, 11 December 2011

Rain and supper

While I was cooking my dinner the rain started to fall really heavily. To start with Rodders just barked at the noise on the conservatory roof but he then decided to go out in it. I delayed serving up as I knew that he was going to come in soaked and would need to be dried off, luckily he didn't stay out long.

OH has said several times that there is nothing wrong with Rodders hearing and today proves it. As I was pottering about doing things I was opening the lounge door to put things on the stairs to be taken up later or to go to the bin at the front door. Where ever Rodders was he came running incase I was going to go out without him.

After I had eaten I gave him his supper and he cleared the bowl! This is the first time I have been able to do the recommended thing and feed him after me. Usually he would be fast asleep from 7pm but he is now staying awake longer.

After supper he kept barking to go out but when I opened the door he changed his mind. The third time he actually went and came back in very wet so he was towelled off again.

After quite a long play with his toys and yoghurt pot and a game of fetch with his ball he asked to come up on my knee and once he settled down I moved him to the bed pad at my feet.

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