Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wednesday night/Thursday morning

Once we got home from puppy party Rodders settled himself in to his crate for a snooze, after trying a snuggle fleece and the other bed pad, while we ate dinner. In fact he didn't move from there all evening, even when OH went and lay down on the floor, and I had to get him out of there to go for a piddle at bed time. He went straight back in there and was happy to have treats once I locked up and switched out lights.

Rodders was silent when we went to bed and didn't even make a peep when OH came down the stairs this morning. He did come out of the crate and was happy to play though.

When I came down he was very happy to see me and came running towards me and jumped up my leg asking for a fuss. While Oh was showering he went upstairs and had managed to get a jumper of a radiator so I took that off him and left him on the landing playing with OH's slipper!

They both came downstairs and just before OH left Rodders threw up again. This time it was just bile but his tummy is empty as he hasn't really eaten much apart from treats since Tuesday night. We have put his breakfast down but he isn't interested but he did eat some kibble from OH's hand. I may need to do him some Chicken and rice if this carries on.

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