Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A lively puppy but

Once we were back downstairs Rodders sat with me on the sofa for a little while before I went in to the kitchen to potter about and make some lunch. He wanted to go in the garden and was out there playing for a while.

When he came back in he stood at the kitchen door and threw up. The poor thing looked at me as if to say "what happened". He watched me clear up and spray stain and odour remover about and was then quite happy to go and play with his toys.

After chasing his toys for about half an hour he wanted to come up on the sofa with me and he slept for over an hour before standing up and retching. I grabbed him and put him back on the floor and he threw up again. Again he seemed confused by what had happened and wanted to stay close to me while I cleared up and sprayed with stain and odour remover.

As soon as I had cleared up he was off playing and wanted in the garden. Once back in he went straight in to the kitchen and barked for his lunch. I have given him a small amount of the id diet without kibble and will see how we do with that. If he is sick again I may call the vets a day early.

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