Friday, 16 December 2011

A quiet day and a visit to the vet

Rodders was very quiet today and hardly left his bed pad or my side other than to go out in to the garden for a piddle. By lunchtime he had eaten some chicken and rice and had drunk a little but he really wasn't playing like normal. He didn't even want to come upstairs with me.

I needed to go out waxing and shopping so I let him in the garden for a piddle and then popped him in his crate with a treat. I was out for almost three hours and he was happy to see me back.

We went out in to the garden so he could have a piddle and then it was time to go back to the vets for his check up. He wasn't happy to go out on his lead to the car but once we got to the vets he was very happy to trot in there. While we were in the waiting room we saw a cat and then a chocolate labrador. Rodders had been sitting nicely until the lab came in and then he wanted to play with it. He was making so much noise with his come play with me bark that I eventually asked the owners if he could say hello. They agreed and the dogs had a good sniff of each other. Rodders was then happy to come back and sit beside me.

Rachel called us in and we talked through how the last day has been. I said that he was still quite quiet and sleepy but had drunk all the rehydration salts and more than 2 bowls of chicken and rice. She checked him over and he is no longer dehydrated which is good and heart and temperature are still good.

To be on the safe side she wants him to have antibiotics twice daily for five days and to stay on chicken and rice until she sees him again on Wednesday, just because she wants to be a bit cautious and make sure he is better by christmas. Once she gives him the OK we can gradually swap him back to kibble.

We went back to the waiting room to wait for his tablets and another bill and there were two more cats in there, one was making quite a lot of noise so I managed to get Rodders to sit behind them. He only made a bit of a squeak, much better than the barking earlier.

We got called forward to pay the bill and pick up the tablets and we were on our way out the door. Rodders was quite happy to walk back to the car and go in his crate.

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