Thursday, 29 December 2011

Afternoon & early evening

Once OH had gone I nipped upstairs to put my hair up and then put on my dog walking gear ready to go out. Rodders was very excited as I put on his collar and lead and couldn't wait to get out.

We headed up towards the rugby field and Rodders walked very nicely all the way. As soon as we got there I made him sit while I swapped leads and then let him run around investigating and sniffing. He was having a lovely time barking at birds, other dog walkers in the distance and the wind. We came across an elderly man walking back from the rugby club and Rodders barked at him too. He stood stock still and waited for Rodders to approach him which took a while, we were both feeling the effects of the cold by the time that happened so after a quick fuss we were on our way again.

Rodders carried on sniffing and running around until we got back to the edge of the field and then sat while I swapped leads back. He walks so nicely on his lead (most of the time) and usually only needs to be told once to sit at kerbs and at the door.

Once we came back in I made a cuppa and checked how OH was doing on his journey home and then Rodders and I settled down to watch David Copperfield on television. Well, I watched and he slept through most of it.

Once Rodders woke up he wanted in to the garden and I got his tea ready. When he came in and saw what I was doing he started barking and could hardly wait for me to put his bowls down. He cleared both of them fairly quickly and then wanted in to the garden again.

When he came back in he wanted to play so we got his ball and were playing fetch for a while. He then went off to chew his new nylabone. Then he seemed to have the devil in him, first the curtains went for a walk between his teeth and then he came out of the kitchen with the oven gloves. I started playing again in the hope that he could be distracted, it almost worked!

I then spotted that all his toys were out of the toy box so I started to pick them up and put them back. Half an hour later half of them are back out and Rodders is back in the garden.

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